Amazing Horror Movies That You Need to Watch

Who doesn’t like watching horror and suspense movies? Many people feel scared but still they watch it because no matter how scary the film is, it increases our curiosity so much that we cannot live without watching that film. This is a specialty of horror movies. Whatever the industry, it always makes horror movies. Whether you watch Bollywood or Hollywood. Every film industry has made many horror movies which have increased the craze for horror movies. There are many horror games, if you like horror movies you can also play horror games.

Many people are unable to watch scary movies alone, so they have to get help from someone so that the fear seems a little lower. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about the top horror movies that one must watch in one’s life.

If you want to watch scary movies and you are not able to find the full list, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about those horror movies which are not only horror but also suspense created.

Let’s see Our Horror Movies list one by one


This Hollywood horror movie is known as the Scariest movie of all time. The director of this movie is Ari Aster. Aster usually works on short horror movies but this is the best movie of Ari. This movie is based on supernatural powers. This movie is a big hit in Hollywood. Hereditary has been released in 2018.

After the death of the Grandmother of Charlie and Peter, things started scary. They come to know about many secrets which are very scary which have been passed down to them from their ancestors. The IMDb rating of the Hereditary movie is 7.3.


1920 is a Bollywood horror movie. This movie is released in the year of 2008 and the director and writer of this movie is Vikram Bhatt. He is known as the best horror movie director. 1920 is based on supernatural and psychological powers. This movie became a huge hit after its release, and part 2 of this movie has also come.

An evil force creeps inside a wife when a newly married couple moves into their new home. How the evil force troubles them and what husband and wife do to protect themselves. Many suspense and horror things happen in the movie that will scare you completely. The songs of this film are also very hit.


This movie will shock you when you watch it. Chhori is a Bollywood Hindi horror movie. It is a remake of the Marathi movie Lapchapi. The audience liked it more than what it earned in the Marathi version. The director of the Chhori movie is Vishal Furia. The very first scene of this film is so scary that you are forced to get scared. Don’t worry, we will not spoil your suspense by telling that scene.

In this film, a couple goes to live in a village to escape from their debtors, but they are unaware that some evil forces are guarding there. The husband leaves his pregnant wife in the village and goes to earn money. After that evil forces threaten to kill the unborn child of the pregnant wife.


Shapit” is a Hindi horror movie released in 2011. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the film revolves around the story of a young woman who is haunted by a spirit. The movie explores themes of supernatural possession and the consequences of delving into occult practices. It features elements of suspense, paranormal activity, and psychological horror. Like many Bollywood horror films, “Shapit” blends traditional Indian superstitions with modern storytelling techniques to create a gripping and atmospheric experience for audiences.


This iconic film is not only horror but also contains romance. This movie is directed by Vikram Bhatt. As you know, Vikram Bhatt is a famous horror movie director. This movie is a huge hit. The drama, story, and songs of the Raaz movie are wholesome. The background music also gives goosebumps when it hits the ear.

In this movie, a couple goes to Ooty and buys a new house to fix their troubled marriage. But they do not know that an evil spirit is waiting for them there and after coming here, there are many revelations about their past. When the wife comes to know that the ghost has some connection with her husband, then what does she do to escape, this is what is told in this film. 


Above mentioned list of movies is some amazing horror movies. We hope that you will watch these movies. Apart from that many other movies will scare you as much as above mentioned movies such as the exorcist, Annabelle, haunted, and Vastu Shastra. The scenes and the background music match with each other and these things make movies scary.

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