Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler: What Happens in the Epilogue?

“Cat in the Chrysalis” is a captivating Korean manhwa created by the talented Suol. First serialized on KakaoPage in 2022 and still ongoing, this story weaves a tale of Kit, a young woman who undergoes a transformation into a cat following her tragic murder. Kit’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is taken in by Edwin, a mysterious man residing in a tower shrouded in secrets.


Kit, initially a young woman, finds herself reincarnated as a cat after a brutal murder. She is welcomed into the enigmatic world of Edwin, a man living in a tower with an aura of mystery. Their lives together are marked by happiness until a fateful day when Edwin is ambushed by a group of unknown assailants. In the ensuing attack, Kit sustains injuries, compelling her to escape.

Kit embarks on a journey that leads her to a village where she encounters other cats. These feline companions inform Kit that Edwin is now a captive, held by individuals seeking to harness his extraordinary power. Determined to rescue Edwin, Kit sets out on a perilous mission.

During her quest, Kit encounters various individuals, including Noah, a young man who becomes a vital ally and develops a profound bond with her.

Kit’s journey ultimately brings her to the tower where Edwin is imprisoned. She confronts the captors, engages in fierce battles, and emerges victorious. In the end, Kit successfully reunites with Edwin.


Kit: The central character, Kit, is characterized by her kindness and compassion. She is not only a skilled fighter but also willing to make sacrifices for her loved ones. Kit’s determination to rescue Edwin drives the narrative.

Edwin: Edwin is a mysterious man residing in a tower. Beneath his gentle demeanor lies immense power. His history is revealed to be intertwined with a group of individuals who seek to exploit his abilities.

Noah: Noah is a young man who joins Kit on her mission to save Edwin. He possesses kindness, intelligence, and combat skills, forming a deep friendship with Kit.

The Cats: Throughout her journey, Kit encounters various cats, each with unique characteristics. They provide guidance, support, and a sense of family to Kit.

Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler:

Cat in the Chrysalis

Edwin’s Past

Edwin is not who he seems to be. He is actually a powerful being from another world. Edwin came to Earth to escape from his enemies, but he was eventually captured by a group of people who were trying to steal his power.

Edwin was born into a royal family in his home world. He was trained from a young age to be a warrior and to protect his kingdom. However, Edwin was always different from his siblings. He was more interested in peace and love than in war and violence.

Edwin’s father, the king, was a cruel and ruthless man. He wanted Edwin to be just like him, but Edwin refused. Edwin’s father eventually disowned him and banished him from the kingdom.

Edwin wandered the world for many years before he came to Earth. He was searching for a place where he could be free to live his life the way he wanted.

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Kit’s True Identity

Kit is not just a cat. She is actually the reincarnation of a powerful warrior named Anya who was killed by Edwin in his previous life. Anya was a cruel and ruthless woman who was willing to do anything to achieve her goals.

Anya was born into a poor family, but she was also very gifted. She was a skilled fighter and a powerful sorceress. Anya used her power to rise to the top of the social ladder. She became a powerful general in the army, and she was eventually appointed as the king’s advisor.

Anya was in love with Edwin, but Edwin did not love her back. Edwin loved a woman named Lily, but Lily was killed by Anya. Anya blamed Edwin for Lily’s death, and she vowed to make him pay.

Anya eventually led a rebellion against Edwin. Edwin defeated Anya in battle, but he spared her life. However, Anya was not grateful for Edwin’s mercy. She attacked Edwin again, and this time she was successful. Anya killed Edwin, but she was also killed in the battle.

The True Antagonist

The true antagonist of the manhwa is a group of people known as the Seekers. The Seekers are a group of individuals who are obsessed with power. They believe that Edwin is the key to unlocking the ultimate power, and they are determined to capture him and steal his power for themselves.

The Seekers are led by a man named Malkor. Malkor is a powerful and ruthless man who is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. He is also a skilled manipulator, and he is able to convince others to join his cause.

Malkor is obsessed with power because he believes that power is the only way to protect himself from being hurt. Malkor was abused as a child, and he has never been able to trust anyone. He believes that if he has enough power, no one will be able to hurt him again.

The Final Battle

In the final battle of the manhwa, Kit and Edwin join forces to defeat Malkor and his followers. Kit and Edwin are victorious, but they both suffer serious injuries in the battle.

Kit is nearly killed in the battle, but she is saved by Edwin. Edwin sacrifices his own life to save Kit’s life.


In the epilogue of the manhwa, Kit is shown to be alive and well. She is living with Edwin’s friends, and she is taking care of his cat.

Kit is still grieving for Edwin’s death, but she is determined to live her life to the fullest. She knows that Edwin would want her to be happy.


  • “Cat in the Chrysalis” explores several significant themes, including:
  • Rebirth: Kit’s transformation into a cat symbolizes rebirth, offering her a second chance at life.
  • Redemption: Kit seeks redemption for her past deeds and believes that saving Edwin is a path to atonement.
  • Loyalty: Kit’s unwavering commitment to Edwin underscores the theme of loyalty.
  • Friendship: Kit and Noah’s profound friendship serves as a central theme, emphasizing the importance of companionship.


The art in Cat in the Chrysalis is beautiful and detailed. Suol’s artwork perfectly captures the emotions of the characters and the beauty of the world.


“Cat in the Chrysalis” is a masterfully crafted manhwa that explores themes of rebirth, redemption, loyalty, and friendship. With a strong female protagonist in Kit, the story delves into her complexities and vulnerabilities. Suol’s remarkable artwork brings the characters and world to life.

For readers seeking a heartwarming and thought-provoking narrative, “Cat in the Chrysalis” comes highly recommended. It showcases a compelling tale of transformation, sacrifice, and the enduring power of friendship.

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